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微小栓子シグナル (HITS/MES) 検出ガイドライン (案) 2003
榛沢 和彦長束 一行佐々木 一裕山海 嘉之原 由紀子藤代 健太郎古井 英介山村 修杉原 浩古幡 博塩澤 友規木村 和美矢坂 正弘内山 真一郎松本 昌泰
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2003 年 16 巻 3 号 p. 168-170


A proposal has been made to introduce a new Japanese guideline for detection of micro-embolic signals using trans-cranial Doppler (TCD). This guideline is in accordance with the Consensus on Micro-Embolus Detection by TCD proposed by the International Consensus Group on Micro-Embolus Detection in 1998. Micro-embolic signals are called HITS or MES. HITS include artifacts in place of MES. Recommended settings are: (1) use of a 2-MHz probe; (2) sample volume within 10 mm; (3) power set as low as reasonably possible; and (4) use of a headband to affix the TCD probe. The characteristics of HITS/MES are: (5) an intensity at least 3 dB higher than the background that reflects the blood stream; (6) a recording time of more than 30 minutes but not more than one hour to maintain the normal brain temperature; and (7) signals without associated sounds or a low emboli-blood ratio (EBR) excluding HITS. Other recommendations include: (8) recording HITS as digital data, using digital audio tape or CD-R; (9) having data double-checked by an expert who is not familiar with the clinical profile of the examinee; and (10) checking all data manually. The results are better than those obtained from an automatically detected HITS/MES system that is not yet at the completion stage.

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