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Case Reports
Recovery From Duret Hemorrhage: A Rare Complication After Craniotomy
—Case Report—
Yasunori FUJIMOTOPaulo Henrique AGUIARAlexandre Bruno Raul FREITASAlmir Ferreira de ANDRADERaul MARINO, Jr.
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2000 Volume 40 Issue 10 Pages 508-510


A 44-year-old female presented with Duret hemorrhage due to transtentorial herniation by extradural hematoma as a complication after craniotomy for treatment of spontaneous middle cranial fossa cerebrospinal fluid leakage through the oval window. Brain computed tomography revealed linear hemorrhage in the midbrain and the rostral pons. She awoke after 2 weeks in a coma, despite showing ocular bobbing and bilateral intranuclear ophthalmoplegia. She was discharged from the hospital with minimal neurological defects. Duret hemorrhage is usually fatal, but this case shows that early surgical decompression is the most important factor to avoid the worst sequelae.

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