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Turbulence and Structure Formation Associated with Vortex Dynamics in Non-Neutral Plasma Flow
Yasuhito KIWAMOTOYosuke KAWAIYukihiro SOGAJun AOKI
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2010 Volume 5 Pages S2002


We discuss generation processes of two distinct structures, ordered arrays of high density clumps and single-peaked macroscopic structures as observed in relaxation processes starting from non-equilibrium distributions of strongly magnetized pure electron plasmas. The two-dimensional character of the guiding-center system shows equivalence between the distributions of electron density and the vorticity in E×B flow. Observations reveal decisive role of fluctuations in the ambient electrons in assisting the formation of ordered arrays and their destruction that successively leads to next stage of ordered structures. The fluctuating parts extracted via wavelet analyses show characteristic features of spectrum and k-space dynamics in ideal 2D turbulence. Such dynamics interpreted as ideal 2D fluid actually reflect electromagnetic dynamism of charged particle subject to redistribution of potential energy and angular momentum. One extra feature of 2D vortex dynamics of electrons is the contribution of Landau-damping of collective particles' motion which conveys externally applied electromagnetic field to the bulk electrons via resonant electrons as a source of energy and momentum.

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