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Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B
Vol. 85 (2009) No. 7 P 240-247



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Here, we report the recovery of cell nuclei from 14,000-15,000 years old mammoth tissues and the injection of those nuclei into mouse enucleated matured oocytes by somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). From both skin and muscle tissues, cell nucleus-like structures were successfully recovered. Those nuclei were then injected into enucleated oocytes and more than half of the oocytes were able to survive. Injected nuclei were not taken apart and remained its nuclear structure. Those oocytes did not show disappearance of nuclear membrane or premature chromosome condensation (PCC) at 1 hour after injection and did not form pronuclear-like structures at 7 hours after injection. As half of the oocytes injected with nuclei derived from frozen-thawed mouse bone marrow cells were able to form pronuclear-like structures, it might be possible to promote the cell cycle of nuclei from ancient animal tissues by suitable pre-treatment in SCNT. This is the first report of SCNT with nuclei derived from mammoth tissues.

(Contributed by Akira IRITANI, M.J.A.)

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