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Examination of gait characteristics and related factors in elderly subjects with and without hallux valgus
Takaki YoshidaYoshitsugu TaninoTetsuya NakaoWataru YamazakiToshiaki Suzuki
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2021 Volume 6


Objective: Elderly people with hallux valgus have decreased gait speed, which can result in reduced capacity to perform the activities of daily living. Therefore, this study examined the gait ability and related factors of patients with hallux valgus.

Methods: The study participants were 10 patients with hallux valgus and 10 without. Ground reaction forces were measured as front–rear (X), lateral (Y), and vertical (Z) components from the early to late stance phases. Three-dimensional motion analysis was used to measure gait speed; touchdown distance; release distance; the angles of the limb joints and trunk at heel contact, toe-off, and peak ground reaction force; and the center of mass (COM) displacement in the sagittal plane. The height of the COM was calculated as a percentage of the body height. The hallux valgus and control groups were compared using the Mann–Whitney U-test.

Results: In the hallux valgus group, the ground reaction force showed a significant increase in the Y component in each stance phase and in the Z component in the late stance phase. The lowest COM position in the hallux valgus group was significantly higher than that in the control group, resulting in a smaller difference in COM height over a gait cycle.

Conclusions: The hallux valgus group was found to have reduced gait speed because of a shortened touchdown distance. Moreover, the continued high COM position in the hallux valgus group meant that potential energy could not efficiently be converted to kinetic energy.

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