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Vol. 33 (2014) No. 2 p. 167-175




This study explored the retrospective and current memory implications of older Japanese adults' experiences of visiting World Expositions, concerning their own personal implications and significance of the specific long-term memories of these kinds of social events. Two independent data sets of older Japanese visitors' long-term memories of two different Japanese World Expositions (Osaka 1970 and Aichi 2005), based on responses to specific relating items in the Memory Characteristics Questionnaire (MCQ) instrument, were analyzed. The visiting experiences were encountered at two very different stages of the participants' lives: Visiting Expo 1970 was encountered while they were young adults and Expo 2005 while they were at the life stage of retirees. The study revealed a relationship between retrospective and current memory implications, and evidence that personal memories of these specific social events with a long retention interval had greater implications than those memories with a short interval.

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