Reviews in Agricultural Science
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Combinatorial Effects of Cis-Regulatory Elements and Functions in Plants
Okechukwu S. EzehYoshiharu Y. Yamamoto
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2024 Volume 12 Pages 79-92


The non-coding regions of genes contain DNA sequences which are binding sites for factors that regulate the genes. Transcription of some genes involves simultaneous binding of regulatory proteins at different regions which interact based on prevailing signals. Identifying regions bound by various factors and testing their function has been a longstanding area of research. In most cases, signal multiplicity in the cell cannot be fully mediated through a single element; rather, shared responses by composite elements direct transcription. This review summarises experimentally proven cis-regulatory element combinations and how they regulate light, cold, hormones, pathogens, and wounding signals. We highlight the untapped potential of motif combinations in driving stimulus-specific trait enhancement in plants. Arranging regulatory elements adjacent to each other unveils their complex interplay, providing avenues for enhancing the transcriptional regulation of genes implicated in developmental processes and responses to environmental cues.

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