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The Influence of Filler Characteristics on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Wood Plastic Composite(s)
Arif DelviawanShigehiko SuzukiYoichi KojimaHikaru Kobori
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2019 Volume 7 Pages 1-9


Wood plastic composite is a relatively new generation of composite material prepared from wood flour, particles, or fibers combined with thermoplastic materials under specific heating and pressure conditions. Wood plastic composite has several advantages, such as ease of maintenance, high durability, and long service life. It can be produced from recycled materials, and several additives can be added to improve its properties. The characteristics of the filler used for manufacturing wood plastic composite influence the physical and mechanical properties of the obtained composite. Filler materials include wood-based filler, other natural fibers, and recycled materials. The composition of the raw material affects the mechanical properties of wood plastic composite. As increasing particle size, melt flow index, flexural and tensile strength, flexural and tensile modulus, heat deflection temperature, and notched impact energy of the composites increase. Chemical treatments such as treatment with NaOH, dilute HCl solution, and chromated copper arsenate can be applied to improve the mechanical properties of wood plastic composite.

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