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Relationship between swimming turn movement and jump performance in swimmers:
Focus on the open turn in butterfly stroke and breaststroke
Seigo Mori Akinori NagataRyota Myotsuzono
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2022 Volume 14 Pages 60-67


In this study, we focused on the open turn used in butterfly stroke and breaststroke, and clarified the relationship between the turn movement and the jump performance. The subjects were nine male university swimmers who specialize in butterfly stroke and breaststroke. The swimming turn measurement was performed at the open turn. The subjects swam with maximum effort from 5 m before the turn to 5 m after the turn. In order to evaluate turn motion, the rotation time of the turn motion, the wall contact time, and the push-off velocity were measured. For the evaluation of jump performance, squat jump, vertical jump, and standing long jump were measured. As a result, a significant correlation was found between the push-off velocity at the turn and the peak power in squat jump(r=0.857,p<0.01). In addition, a significant correlation was found between the push-off velocity at turn and peak speed(r=0.805,p<0.05). From the above results, it was clarified that the applied squat jump training may contribute to the performance improvement in the turn phase.

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