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Food Hygiene and Safety Science (Shokuhin Eiseigaku Zasshi)
Vol. 29 (1988) No. 6 P 419-422_1



A simple and rapid determination of erythritol, a new low-calory natural sweetener, in foods was developed. Erythritol is known to be present in various foods, and its determination is usually carried out by paper chromatography or gas chromatography, and is extremely time-consuming. We attempted to develop a rapid and simple determination method for erythritol using CK08SH resin (in free form) in high performance liquid chromatography. We found that the resin was most useful for accurate determination, and used the method to determine erythritol in Japanese-sake, wine, soy-sauce, and miso-bean paste; the amounts found were 0.015-0.091w/v% in Japanese-sake, wine, and soy-sauce, and 0.13% in miso-bean paste.

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