Skin Cancer
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1992 年 7 巻 3 号 p. 295-299


A 62-year-old man exhibited a 3.0×2.5cm sized, sharply circumscribed and irregular shaped black macule on his left hipochondriac region. In the center of the lesion, there was a slightly concave and depigmented area. This area had contained a polypoid tumor which was resected by his family physician. A 1.5cm sized lymphnode was palpable in his left axilla. After one course of DAV therapy, a tumorectomy and an axillary lymphadenectomy were performed. We concluded that a clinicopathological subtype of this case was a superficial spreading melanoma. After that, DAV and PAV therapy were performed and his clinical course was satisfactory. But 2 years and a half later, liver, bone marrow and skin metastases were detected. Five months after that, the patient died from liver failure. Urine 5-S-cysteinyldopa excretion level was remarkable high (1951.3 μg/day) when the metastasis was detected.

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