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Phylogenetic Systematics of the Family Peristediidae (Teleostei: Actinopterygii)
Toshio Kawai
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2008 Volume 13 Issue 1 Pages 1-34


The family Peristediidae, comprising about 36 species of armored sea robins in five genera, inhabit the bottoms of the tropical and temperate waters of the world oceans in depths of about 50 to 800 m. The aim of this study is to infer relationships among the species in the family based on morphological characters and to revise the genus-level classification on the basis of the inferred pattern of phylogeny. Twenty-four peristediid and 16 outgroup taxa, i.e., 13 triglid and three hoplichthyid species, were used for the phylogenetic analysis. Monophyly of the Peristediidae is highly corroborated and two major clades are recognized in the family. The first clade includes Gargariscus, Heminodus, Satyrichthys, and Paraheminodus, and the second includes only Peristedion. It became clear that the genus Satyrichthys is a nonmonophyletic group. In conclusion, six monophyletic genera are recognized in the Peristediidae: Gargariscus, Heminodus, Paraheminodus, Peristedion, Satyrichthys, and Scalicus. Accordingly, I propose seven new combinations with Scalicus as follows: Scalicus engyceros, S. gilberti, S. hians, S. investigatoris, S. orientalis, S. quadratorostratus, and S. serrulatus.

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