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Epigonus draco, a New Species of Deepwater Cardinalfish (Perciformes: Epigonidae) from the Western Pacific
Makoto Okamoto
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2015 Volume 20 Issue 2 Pages 121-127


A new epigonid fish, Epigonus draco n. sp., is described on the basis of six specimens (88.8-160.1 mm in standard length: SL) collected from the Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu in the Western Pacific. This species belongs to a subgroup of Epigonus, known as the "Epigonus constanciae group," whose members have a pungent opercular spine, more than 40 pored lateral-line scales (47-49 to the end of the hypural+3-4 on the caudal fin), and VII-I, 10 dorsal-fin rays. The new species is distinguished from other congeners of the group in having the following combination of characters: absence of a maxillary mustache-like process, absence of ribs on the last abdominal vertebra, total gill rakers 22-23; pyloric caeca 7-9; pectoral-fin rays 19-20; scales below lateral line 9; vertebrae 10+15; uppermost margin of pectoral-fin base lower than horizontal line through center of eye; proximal radial of first anal-fin pterygiophore slender; and mouth cavity black. In addition, Epigonus chilensis Okamoto, 2012 is rediagnosed based on specimens from near its type locality.

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