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Species Diversity
Vol. 21 (2016) No. 2 p. 187-196



Parapercis bicoloripes Prokofiev, 2010, previously known only from waters off Vietnam, is recorded from the northern Gulf of Thailand, the east coast of the Malay Peninsula, northern Borneo, and Panay, Philippines. Detailed examination of 27specimens (66.1–136.0 mm standard length) revealed significant growth-related changes in several body proportions and coloration. In addition, 11 specimens (44.2–74.1 mm standard length) of Parapercis diplospilus Gomon, 1981, previously recorded from Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia, are reported for the first time from the Gulf of Thailand and off Terengganu State, Malaysia, east coast of the Malay Peninsula.

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