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Species Diversity
Vol. 22 (2017) No. 1 p. 69-72



Two mature specimens of the whale-fall lancelet Asymmetron inferum Nishikawa, 2004, were collected in 2016 from reducing gravel bottom near a hydrothermal vent, 196 m deep, at Oomuro Hole of Oomuro-dashi submarine volcano in the Izu Islands, Pacific coast of Japan by using the ROV Hyper-Dolphin during the RV Shinsei-maru KS-16-6 cruise of JAMSTEC. This species has so far been known exclusively from whale-fall communities off Cape Nomamisaki, SW Kyushu, Japan, 219–254 m deep. The new find suggests the dispersal stepping-stone hypothesis of whale-fall communities for the origin of vent and/or seep fauna.

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