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Rugosuscandona, a New Genus of Candonidae (Crustacea: Ostracoda) from Groundwater Habitats in Texas, North America
Okan Külköylüoğlu Derya AkdemirMehmet YavuzatmacaBenjamin F. SchwartzBenjamin T. Hutchins
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2017 Volume 22 Issue 2 Pages 175-185


Rugosuscandona scharfi gen. nov. sp. nov. is described as a new genus of the family Candonidae from groundwaters of Texas, USA. The new genus differs from its congeners based on the presence of relatively long pore canals with sensory seta on the carapace surface, 6-segmented first antenna (A1), absence of bristles (t setae untransformed) and z setae on second antenna (A2), distinctly shaped male hemipenis and clasping organs, a simple claw-like uropod, and presence of 4+2 whorls on the Zenker’s organ. Additionally, reduction in the number of setae and segments of the other soft body parts can be used to differentiate between the new genus Rugosuscandona gen. nov. and its congeners. Therefore, the new genus is currently monotypic. Taxonomic status of the new genus is discussed and compared with living genera of the family.

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