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Identification of Larvae and Recognition of New Synonymy for Two Chinese Onycholyda Sawflies (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Pamphiliidae) based on Molecular Data
Akihiko ShinoharaTakuya KiyoshiMeicai WeiYuichi Kameda
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Volume 23 (2018) Issue 1 Pages 75-81

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A molecular analysis based on mitochondrial COI+tRNA(Leu)+COII gene sequences has shown that unidentified larvae collected in Hunan, Hubei and Sichuan Provinces, China, belong to Onycholyda flavicostalis Shinohara, 2012, and O. sichuanica Shinohara, Naito and Huang, 1988 (Hymenoptera: Pamphiliidae), and that the latter species is conspecific with O. fanjingshanica Jiang, Wei and Zhu, 2004. Onycholyda fanjingshanica is thus synonymized with O. sichuanica. The first host plant records are Rubus adenophorus Rolfe (Rosaceae) for O. flavicostalis and Rubus spp. for O. sichuanica. The larvae of O. flavicostalis and O. sichuanica are briefly described and O. flavicostalis is newly recorded from Hubei and Sichuan Provinces.

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