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Vol. 20 (2016) p. 27-38




  Working within the framework of Dewey's concept of “experience,” this paper aims to clarify the relationship between Aesthetic Education and Action Learning, and, moving beyond them, put forward a third theory : the Generating of Music. First, the structure of Dewey's concept of experience will be defined. Second, the theories and practices of Aesthetic Education, Action Learning, and the Generating of Music are examined in light of Dewey's concept of experience. Third, the verification of the Generating of Music as a third theory of music education is posited. The nature of experience is in the connection to the element of “trying” and “undergoing.” However, both Aesthetic Education and Action Learning focus only on “trying,” not “undergoing.” Thus, they disregard a child's inner world in the music teaching-learning process. To relate “trying” to “undergoing” can unify “doing” with “knowing.” This unification enables the lifelong development of musical experience. Moreover, to relate “trying” to “undergoing” can encourage the formation of a child's inner world and ensure the development thereof. The Generating of Music is a third theory of music education because of its relationship between “trying” and “undergoing”.

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