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金杉 洋松原 剛柴崎 亮介杉田 暁福井 弘道
ジャーナル フリー

2017 年 25 巻 2 号 p. 57-62


The number of climbers in Japanese mountains have increased for recent years, and climbing and hiking have been getting constructive fields in tourism. However, some climbing beginners, especially middle aged and older people, who are overconfident on own physical strength sometimes encounter serious accidents and distresses. Actually, an accident and a distress in a mountain have also increased in these years. In order to achieve safer mountain climbing, it would be effective to aggregate and analyze individual climbing experiences in accordance with not only individual conditions but also mountain environments even if there is poor network connection and power supply. Therefore, this paper aims to organize available datasets for analysis of practical behavior of mountain climbers, and describes methods to obtain climbing behavior data even for middle and older people under poor network and power environment. In particular, we implemented a cloud system to aggregate online-submitted climbing plans, and a check-in app using individual owned IC-cards. Finally, this paper describes some findings and discussions through our field experiments.

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