Trends in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology
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My Stroll in the Backyard of Carbohydrate Chemistry
Yukishige Ito
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2010 Volume 22 Issue 125 Pages 119-140


The fields of “Glycobiology” and “Glycotechnology” are gaining an increasing amount of attention. A major part of my research has been directed at the synthesis and functional analysis of glycoconjugate oligosaccharides of various origins. In this mini-review, I wish to summarize my research history in carbohydrate chemistry of the last 12 years. Representative subjects have been 1) synthetic studies on Asn-linked glycan chains, 2) synthesis of novel glycoprotein structures, 3) approaches to polymer-support synthesis of oligosaccharides, 4) development of new reactions for the synthesis of glycoprotein-related molecules, 5) studies on the synthesis of glycoproteins, 6) analyses of glycoprotein processing and protein quality control system, 7) synthesis of glycosyltransferase inhibitors, 8) synthesis of biologically active glycolipids, and 9) synthesis and biological activities on mycobacterial cell wall components.

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