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Exploratory Study of Serum Lactoferrin and Anti-Lactoferrin Antibody Concentrations in Patients with Endometriosis
Kaya Mori-YamanakaFuminori KimuraAkiko NakamuraTetsuro HanadaJun KitazawaAina MorimuneShunichiro TsujiTakashi Murakami
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2023 Volume 259 Issue 2 Pages 135-142


Endometriosis is a disease that is characterized by the ectopic presence of the endometrium or its similar cells. A high prevalence of patients with autoimmune diseases has been reported among patients with endometriosis although the cause of endometriosis remained unknown. Recently, the anti-lactoferrin antibody is reported to be highly detected in autoimmune diseases. This study focused on lactoferrin and anti-lactoferrin antibodies to explore the pathology of endometriosis. Lactoferrin is a substance that regulates inflammation and is produced by neutrophils. Anti-lactoferrin antibody is a type of perinuclear antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody. The serum lactoferrin and anti-lactoferrin antibody levels were compared among patients with or without endometriosis, revealing significantly higher levels in patients with endometriosis. Additionally, a decreased serum anti-lactoferrin antibody level was observed after surgical endometriosis resection. The receiver operating characteristic curve analysis determined the reference values for the serum lactoferrin and anti-lactoferrin antibody levels. Patients whose serum level exceeded the reference anti-lactoferrin antibody value were significantly higher in more than 40% of cases in the endometriosis group. The rate is comparable to that of autoimmune diseases. This is the first report that anti-lactoferrin antibody is frequently observed in patients with endometriosis, adding a new perspective to the understanding of the pathology of endometriosis although precisely elucidating the mechanism by which lactoferrin and anti-lactoferrin antibody appear in endometriosis in the future is necessary.

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