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The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Vol. 158 (1989) No. 1 P 105-106



KATSUMATA, U., SEKIZAWA, K., INOUE, H., SASAKI, H. and TAKISHIMA, T. Inhibitory Actions of Procaterol, a Beta-2 Stimulant, on Substance P-Induced Cough in Normal Subjects during Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. Tohoku J. Exp. Med., 1989, 158 (1), 105-106 - We studied substance P (SP)-induced cough in normal subjects without and with colds, and the effects of orally administered procaterol on SP-induced cough in normal subjects with colds. SP aerosols caused cough at a concentration of approximately 10-15M in subjects with colds whereas it did not cause cough at a concentration of up to 10-5M in subjects without colds. Procaterol (50μg) completely inhibited SP-induced cough in normal subjects with colds. These results suggest that cough response to SP remarkably increases during colds and that beta-2 stimulant may be a useful tool for treatment of cough during colds in normal subjects

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