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The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Vol. 160 (1990) No. 3 P 203-211



TAKEDA, K., NAKAI, H., HAGIWARA, H., TADA, K., SHOWS, T.S., BYERS, M.G. and MYEROWITZ, R. Fine Assignment of β-Hexosaminidase A α-Subunit on 15q23-q24 by High Resolution In Situ Hybridization. Tohoku J. Exp. Med., 1990, 160 (3), 203-211-Tay-Sacks disease results from mutation in the gene encoding β-hexosaminidase A α-subunit. Although some reports have suggested the locus on 15q, we tried to determine the finer gene locus using high resolution in situ hybridization. cDNA probe, pβH α-5, containing the full-length sequence for the enzyme subunit, was 3H-labeled within 1-4×107cpm/μg of cDNA by nick-translation. After molecular hybridization and autoradiography, prometaphases were G-banded by Hoechst 33258, UV-exposure and Giemsa. A total of 227 silver grains on chromosomes within 115 prometaphase spreads were analyzed. The region 15q23-q24 had 27 grains, corresponding to 11.9% of the total grains and to 77.1% of the grains on chromosome 15. 20.9% of prometaphases were observed with a grain at 15q23-q24. According to several previous reports, the shortest region of overlap (SRO) of the locus has been 15q22-q25.1. Here we have assigned the gene locus to the narrower region 15q23-q24 by high-resolution in situ hybridization, which is one of the most powerful strategy for the completion of human gene map.

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