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IEICE Transactions on Communications
Vol. E94.B (2011) No. 7 P 1815-1822



Joint Special Section on Opto-electronics and Communications for Future Optical Network

We investigate electronic mitigation of linear and nonlinear fibre impairments and compare various digital signal processing techniques, including electronic dispersion compensation (EDC), single-channel back-propagation (SC-BP) and back-propagation with multiple channel processing (MC-BP) in a nine-channel 112Gb/s PM-mQAM (m=4,16) WDM system, for reaches up to 6,320km. We show that, for a sufficiently high local dispersion, SC-BP is sufficient to provide a significant performance enhancement when compared to EDC, and is adequate to achieve BER below FEC threshold. For these conditions we report that a sampling rate of two samples per symbol is sufficient for practical SC-BP, without significant penalties.

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