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Improved Optical Amplification Efficiency by using Turbo Cladding Pumping Scheme for Multicore Fiber Optical Networks
Hitoshi TAKESHITAKeiichi MATSUMOTOHiroshi HASEGAWAKen-ichi SATOEmmanuel Le Taillandier de GABORY
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Article ID: 2018EBP3296


We realize a multicore erbium-doped fiber amplifier (MC-EDFA) with 2 dB optical gain improvement (average) by recycling the residual 0.98 μm pump light from the MC-EDF output. Eight-channel per core wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) Nyquist PM-16QAM optical signal amplification is demonstrated over a 40-minute period. Furthermore, we demonstrate the proposed MC-EDFA's stability by using it to amplify a Nyquist PM-16QAM signal and evaluating the resulting Q-factor variation. We found that our scheme contributes to reducing the total power consumption of MC-EDFAs in spatial division multiplexing (SDM)/WDM networks by up to 33.5 %.

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