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Efficiency Analysis for Inductive Power Transfer Using Segmented Parallel Line Feeder
William-Fabrice BROUQuang-Thang DUONGMinoru OKADA
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2023 年 E106.C 巻 5 号 p. 165-173


Parallel line feeder (PLF) consisting of a two-wire transmission line operating in the MHz band has been proposed as a wide-coverage short-distance wireless charging. In the MHz band, a PLF of several meters suffers from standing wave effect, resulting in fluctuation in power transfer efficiency accordingly to the receiver's position. This paper studies a modified version of the system, where the PLF is divided into individually compensated segments to mitigate the standing wave effect. Modelling the PLF as a lossy transmission line, this paper theoretically shows that if the segments' lengths are properly determined, it is able to improve and stabilize the efficiency for all positions. Experimental results at 27.12 MHz confirm the theoretical analysis and show that a fairly high efficiency of 70% can be achieved.

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