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Development and evaluation of fructose biofuel cell using gel fuel and liquid fuel as hybrid structure
Atsuya YamakawaKeisuke TodakaSatomitu Imai
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論文ID: 2020OMS0004


Improvement of output and lifetime is a problem for biofuel cells. A structure was adopted in which gelation mixed with agarose and fuel (fructose) was sandwiched by electrodes made of graphene-coated carbon fiber. The cathode surface not contacting the gel was exposed to air. In addition, the anode surface not contacting the gel was in contact with fuel liquid to prevent the gel from being dry. The power density of the fuel cell was improved by increasing oxygen supply from air and the lifetime was improved by maintaining wet gel, that is, the proposed structure was a hybrid type having advantages of both fuel gel and fuel liquid. The output increased almost up to that of just using fuel gel and did not decrease significantly over time. The maximum power density in the proposed system was approximately 74.0 μW/cm2, an enhancement of approximately 1.5 times that in the case of using liquid fuel. The power density after 24 h was approximately 46.1 μW/cm2, which was 62% of the initial value.

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