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IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems
Vol. E100.D (2017) No. 3 pp. 452-461



Regular Section

We propose a cache-aware method to accelerate texture-based volume rendering on a graphics processing unit (GPU) that is compatible with the compute unified device architecture. The proposed method extends a previous method such that it can maximize the average rendering performance while rotating the viewing direction around a volume. To realize this, the proposed method performs in-place rotation of volume data, which rearranges the order of voxels to allow consecutive threads (warps) to refer to voxels with the minimum access strides. Experiments indicate that the proposed method replaces the worst texture cache (TC) hit rate of 42% with the best TC hit rate of 93% for a 10243-voxel volume. Thus, the average frame rate increases by a factor of 1.6 in the proposed method compared with that in the previous method. Although the overhead of in-place rotation slightly decreases the frame rate from 2.0 frames per second (fps) to 1.9 fps, this slowdown occurs only with a few viewing directions.

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