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Vol. 81 (2015) No. 830 p. 15-00191




Vibration suppression is one of the most important problems in the design and operation of space structures. Due to limited launch capabilities, such structures need to be extremely light-weight although some structures succumb to vibrations because of their low structural stiffness. Moreover, vibrational energy is hard to disperse in the vacuum of space, in contrast to ground environments. These problems can be overcome by vibration control schemes.Vibration control schemes can be categorized into three types: active, passive and semi-active. The semi-active vibration control (SAVC), dynamically changes some property of the structure according to feedback from the state, without adding extra energy. SAVC systems are usually able to achieve higher performance than the passive vibration control schemes without the disadvantages of the active vibration control systems. In this study, optimal piezo actuator layout is solved by the introduction of Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) constraint which evaluates vibration and a shock.

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