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切れ目のないキャリア教育のための評価尺度(Scale for Coordinate Contiguous Career: Scale C3)の内容的妥当性の検証
沼館 知里照屋 晴奈梅田 真理韓 昌完
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2018 年 6 巻 p. 33-44


Han, Numadate & Goya (2018) has developed Scale for Coordinate Contiguous Career (Scale C3) for the evaluation and support for adolescents and adults after compulsory education. In this research, we aim to verify the content validity of Scale C3. In order to verify the content validity, a questionnaire survey was conducted for high school, university and company career education personnel. As a result of expert survey, all experts responded that Scale C3 area is valid. And regarding the item of Scale C3, 90% of experts responded that 92 items out of 100 items are valid. Based on the results of this survey, eight items that 80% of experts did not respond that they are valid were excluded from Scale C3. The final draft of Scale C3 was composed of 92 items in 16 areas. As future research, it is necessary to collect data using the draft prepared in this research to verify the reliability and the validity of the composition concept.

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