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IN-Child Recordに基づいたSLD傾向のあるIN-Childに対する指導法の分析
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2018 年 6 巻 p. 45-72


IN-Child Record was developed as a tool to diagnose children who need inclusive education, and has a total of 82 items in fourteen domains. By analyzing teaching practices in scholarly treatise, in fourteen domains of IN-Child Record. This study aimed to typifying teaching methods which doing educational site for IN-Child similar to Specific Leaning Disorder. As a result, Three Necessity revealed as teaching methods for IN-Child similar to Specific Leaning Disorder. ①When conducting learning guidance, it is necessary to consider IN-Child's stress, ②It is necessary to prepare special teaching materials (less kanji etc.) and support reading of the entire class not limited to IN-Child. In addition, if it is still difficult to solve, it is necessary to rely on specialized agencies (speech-language-hearing therapist etc.), ③While doing step-by-step education on learning, it is necessary to create an environment that allows teachers and surrounding friends to ask to things IN-Child do not understand, and to reduce the burden on mental aspects.

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