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Special Feature : Present Status and Future Perspective of Electrochemical Capacitors
Use of Capacitors for Cars
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2019 Volume 62 Issue 12 Pages 718-723


Based on the “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom” plan, Mazda's long-term vision for technology development, we have been advancing what is called a “Building Block Strategy”.

With use of a new-generation technology called “SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY”, we intend to thoroughly improve Mazda's base technologies with an eye to improving the powertrain efficiency, reducing the vehicle weight, and eventually combining them with electric device technologies in a phased manner so as to reduce total CO2 emissions.

As the second step of this approach, Mazda has developed a new regenerative braking system called “i-ELOOP”, where the energy generated during deceleration is recovered and reused as electric energy necessary for a vehicle to move.

This paper introduces the Electric Double Layer Capacitor (hereinafter referred to as EDLC) and as device technologies of the “i-ELOOP”, a regenerative braking technology developed as the second step of the Building Block Strategy.

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