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  • Multi-dimensional Recordkeeping based on the Records Continuum Theory
    Kazuyuki KIYOHARA
    Type: research-article
    2019 Volume 30 Pages 4-35
    Published: June 30, 2019
    Released: July 01, 2020

    In this paper, we attempt to interpret the records continuum theory presented by Frank Upward as a case of “the stolen generation” problem. The records continuum theory originated from Australian recordkeeping tradition. However, Aboriginal people ask, concerning records owned by public archives institutions,“Whose is my record?” This perspective encourages reconsideration of recordkeeping activities from a single view reflecting the functions and activities of one organization. We will examine the “Trust and Technology” project, which is an attempt at “reconciliation” triggered by this question, from the viewpoint of multi-dimensioning the continuum model. Moreover, as a generalization of this “reconciliation” experience, we will consider the participatory recordkeeping continuum model and discuss its significance and issues.

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