Bulletin of Glaciological Research
Online ISSN : 1884-8044
Print ISSN : 1345-3807
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  • Daiki NOMURA(野村大樹), Pat WONGPAN, Takenobu TOYOTA(豊田威信), Tomonori TANIK ...
    2020 年 38 巻 p. 1-12
    発行日: 2020年
    公開日: 2020/03/31
    ジャーナル フリー

    Saroma-ko Lagoon, located on the Okhotsk Sea coast of Hokkaido, is seasonally covered by flat, homogeneous, easily accessible and safe sea ice. As such, it proves a very useful experimental site for the study of sea ice processes, the inter-comparison of methods, the testing of equipment, and the training of researchers new to the Polar regions. In this contribution, we describe a physical, chemical, and ecosystem survey at Saroma-ko Lagoon, conducted over February 23-28, 2019 under the auspices of the SLOPE2019 (Saroma-ko Lagoon Observations for sea ice Physico-chemistry and Ecosystems 2019) program. Sea ice cores were collected to examine temperature, salinity, oxygen isotopic ratio, thin sections, and chemical and biological parameters such as carbonate chemistry, CH4, nutrients, chlorophyll a concentrations, and ice algae community assemblage. Broadband and spectral irradiance measurements were carried out above/under the sea ice, and different sensors were inter-compared at close positions and environments. Equipment such as spectrometers, air-sea ice CO2/CH4 flux chamber, and under-ice turbulent heat flux systems were tested for future Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. Finally, an artificial pool was dug into the sea ice to understand the effect of snow particles on ice growth and to compare the gas exchange process over sea ice with an ice-free water surface. Our SLOPE2019 field campaign activities provided useful information for inter-comparison work and future sea ice research in the polar oceans.