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  • Seiya MORO, Hiroaki UCHIDA, Kanta KATO, Kenzi NOMURA, Satoharu SEIKINE ...
    2023 Volume 16 Issue 4 Pages 101-112
    Published: 2023
    Released on J-STAGE: February 07, 2024
    The overall purpose of this study is to develop a system by which a boat-type weeding robot equipped with trailing chains can operate automatically along a target path at a target speed. A mathematical model of the weeding robot was constructed and simulations were performed. These simulations, together with experiments involving automatic operation of the weeding robot in a swimming pool and in a paddy field, confirmed that the robot weeder was able to follow the target path at the set speed and with the appropriate posture. The results showed that the use of PID control improved the error from the target path by 71 % and the work time by 10 % compared to the case without PID control.
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  • Solongo BATGEREL, Takahiro SAITO, Masatsugu TAMURA
    2023 Volume 16 Issue 4 Pages 113-122
    Published: 2023
    Released on J-STAGE: February 07, 2024
    This study aimed to evaluate the physical properties and antioxidant activity of buuz wrappers and to determine the appropriate ratio for replacement of wheat flour (WF) with buckwheat flour (BF). Wrappers were prepared with four ratios of BF and WF: 0:100 (BF0), 25:75 (BF25), 50:50 (BF50), and 75:25 (BF75). The total phenolic content (TPC) and DPPH free-radical-scavenging activity were highest in BF75 wrappers and lowest in BF0 wrappers, while the opposite trend was observed for toughness and extension. Steamed BF50 wrappers could be prepared without cracks and had similar toughness and 2.43- and 4.79-fold higher TPC and DPPH free-radical-scavenging activity than BF0 wrappers. In conclusion, the optimal substitution ratio for replacement of WF with BF in buuz wrappers was 50:50.
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