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Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing Vol. 9(2015) No. 3


Xinfang GE, Yi JIN, Chang'an ZHU

Released: July 02, 2015


Saturnino-Luis VIRTO, Pedro Javier GAMEZ-MONTERO

Released: July 02, 2015


Jing WEI, Dabing CHEN, Dongming ZHOU

Released: July 08, 2015


Qi GAO, Yasuhiro TANI, Gang DONG

Released: July 08, 2015


Shuichi SAKAMOTO, Seiya TATSUZA, Munehiro ISHIDA, Arata NAKANO, Kuniaki NAGAI, Toshio KATOU

Released: July 08, 2015


Junji LI, Xiaojun HAN, Xuqiang WANG, Dongyang LI, Xianguo YAN

Released: July 16, 2015


Hong-Seok PARK, Ngoc-Hien TRAN

Released: July 27, 2015


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