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Feature Article-Geoscience Researches Focusing on Aerosol Particles Depositing over the Ocean and Cryosphere-
Review Paper
  • Hisahiro Takashima, Keiichiro Hara, Chiharu Nishita-Hara, Koichi Shira ...
    2024 Volume 39 Issue 2 Pages 129-144
    Published: June 20, 2024
    Released on J-STAGE: June 22, 2024

    Long-term observations of atmospheric aerosols and gaseous species have been conducted in Fukuoka, located in westernmost Japan, to understand the atmospheric environment of the region and to elucidate their health effects. Fukuoka represents an ideal site for studying interaction between urban air pollution originating from local urban areas in Japan and transboundary air masses from the Asian continent. Fukuoka air quality is strongly affected by transboundary transport from the Asian continent. Diurnal variations of atmospheric composition in Fukuoka are also affected by local emissions, atmospheric reactions, and local circulation. The health effects of aerosols have been investigated through epidemiological and toxicological studies. This report presents comprehensive summary of research findings obtained from studies conducted in the Fukuoka region.

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