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Volume 8 , Issue 4
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Feature Articles —Recent Progress in Cleanroom Technology I—
Research Papers
  • Isao SHIMIZU, Mitsugu KAKUTA, Shunichi KAMEMARU
    1993 Volume 8 Issue 4 Pages 307-314
    Published: December 20, 1993
    Released: March 04, 2011
    A new technique which can measure the spatial distributions of spherical particles in each size range has been developed using reflective type Multiplexed Matched Spatial Filtering method. In experiments, the two dimensional spatial distributions of size of spherical particles were measured by a Multiplexed Matched Spatial Filter (MMSF) made from the arrangement of several numbers of reference patterns having about ten times difference in those diameters of particles. It was clarified in the experimental results that the sizes of particles being able to be discriminated by each reference size of particles were within the limit of about ±15 % of each reference size of particles in a MMSF. The auto-correlation peaks were located skew-symmetrically for their input positions in each size recognition field of reference particles. The discriminable size range by one MMSF was over ten times difference between the minimum and maximum size of particles.
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  • Toshiaki FUJII, Hidetomo SUZUKI, Motoaki ADACHI, Kazuhiko SAKAMOTO
    1993 Volume 8 Issue 4 Pages 315-324
    Published: December 20, 1993
    Released: March 04, 2011
    A new super cleaning equipment of a closed space with photoelectric diffusion charging was developed. The newly developed device has UV shield plate between the charging/collecting space and cleaning space to protect the cleaning space from the UV irradiation. The particle removing rate by the equipment was experimentally and theoretically investigated. The basic equations expressing the diffusion charging and electrophoresis of particles in the charging/collecting space was derived for polydisperse aerosols. By these basic equations, the collection efficiency of the charging/collecting space was found to depend on three dimensionless parameters. The values of the dimensionless parameters required to obtain collection efficiencies of 90 and 99 % were presented graphically. Some of the calculated results were verified by the experiments.
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  • Hiroaki MASUDA, Kuniaki GOTOH, Nobuaki ORITA
    1993 Volume 8 Issue 4 Pages 325-332
    Published: December 20, 1993
    Released: March 04, 2011
    A measuring instrument of a charge distribution of aerosol particles has been designed and manufactured. Error factors relating to the design and natural electric field have been evaluated through numerical calculation based on the finite element method. The performance of the instrument has been also confirmed through experiments. The charge distribution of aerosol particles generated by a nebulizer or an ejector has been measured by the newly designed instrument. The experimental results showed that the electrification characteristics depended on the particle generation methods.
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