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  • MOROTOMI Takahiko, WASHIO Ayako, YOSHII Shinji, MIYASHITA Keiko, FUJIM ...
    2019 Volume 35 Issue 2 Pages 49-57
    Published: 2019
    Released: August 20, 2019

    Abstract One of the basic clinical dentistry classes, “tooth therapeutics,” is a subject that combines multiple subjects and has been taken by third-grade students at the Kyushu Dental University School of Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry. For each theme in tooth therapeutics, the learning advances in the following order : preparation for practice by homework, scenario-based pre-clinical training, lecture, skills improvement training, and check test. In this study, we investigated the effects of the experience-led learning with scenario-based pre-clinical training by questionnaire. As many as 70% of students supported the experience-led learning, citing the reason that it is easy to understand the contents of each lecture. Fifty-six percent of students wished the method was used in other subjects. Although more students found it hard to prepare for practice than the students who did not, more students worked on it positively and developed the ability to solve problems by themselves. Since only 26% of students answered that they had developed the habit of studying voluntarily, we were not able to let the students develop the habit of self-learning. There were more students who had prepared by group learning than those who performed all the preparations alone. The most used reference materials for preparation were text books, and the second-most used source of information was a website on the Internet. It may be necessary to instruct students on appropriate learning methods. These results suggest that, although there is room for improvement, experience-led learning promotes active learning by students. This method may improve the educational effect of basic clinical dentistry classes.

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