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  • Hirofumi ITO, Shinji FUKUMOTO, Kozo FUJIMOTO
    2021 Volume 10 Issue 1 Pages 39-44
    Published: 2021
    Released: January 23, 2021
    Crack initiations induced by stress concentration in semiconductor chips jointed with high temperature bonding materials has been a critical problem to operate above 200℃. To solve the problem, an insertion of Al interlayer in a Ni-Sn transient liquid phase bonding layer(Ni-Sn TLPB/Al)has been proposed and the effect of stress reduction in the chip and enhance of high thermal durability of joint was clarified experimentally. In this study, we investigated an effect of Al interlayer and the thickness on stress in Si semiconductor chip(size: 5× 5 mm2, thickness: 200 mm)and strain in the Al interlayer of Ni-Sn TLPB/Al joint with DBC (Cu/Si3N4/Cu)or DBA(Al/Si3N4/Al)plate by finite element method(FEM)analysis. The result showed that the use of 150 mm thickness of Al interlayer enables to be lowest the stress at the edge of Si chip and strain in the Al interlayer of die-attach joint and were expected to enhance thermal cycle reliability at high temperature operations.
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