Bulletin of Research Institute of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries, Osaka Prefecture
Online ISSN : 2188-6040
Volume 6
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  • Mitsuo Kawaradani, Kenji Hamasaki, Manabu Shibao
    2020 Volume 6 Pages 1-7
    Published: 2020
    Released on J-STAGE: April 02, 2020
    Botryosphaeria dothidea causes chestnut black rot. However, treating chestnuts with water heated to 50 °C for 30 or 40 min and 52 °C for 30 min resulted in a < 30% rate of rotting. Moreover, compared to untreated controls, the heat treatments extended the number of days required for the appearance of symptoms by six. Treating naturally infected chestnuts (infection rate: 22%) with hot water decreased the rotting rate by 4% to 6% compared to untreated controls; this percentage is lower than the 12% achieved with methyl iodide fumigation. Heat-treated chestnuts either inoculated or naturally infected with B. dothidea and then refrigerated at 5 ℃did not show symptoms for five months, while untreated controls showed symptoms after about two months.
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