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  • Ryota NISHIOKA
    Article type: Accounts
    2022 Volume 4 Pages 14-32
    Published: June 15, 2022
    Released on J-STAGE: January 20, 2023

    The evaluation and consideration of the enantioselectivity of three newly developed host-guest interaction type HPLC chiral stationary phases are summarized in this paper. It was found that the novel chiral stationary phase containing a sugar chain between β-cyclodextrin and silica gel support (SUMICHIRAL® OA-7000) has different enantioselectivity from conventional cyclodextrin-type stationary phases. Furthermore, it was shown that the β-cyclodextrin stationary phase with acetylated hydroxyl groups (OA-7700) has excellent enantiomeric separation ability for many aromatic amines. These factors were considered from the viewpoint of the separation mechanism. We also designed the chiral stationary phase in which a pseudo-18-crown-6-ether derivative was immobilized on silica gel with an amide bond (OA-8000) and evaluated its enantioselectivity. In the separation of chiral primary amines, we found that OA-7700 and OA-8000 have complementary enantioselectivity to the difference in substituents of guest compounds and considered this factor. The developed stationary phases can

    perform chiral separation using a reverse phase mobile phase and is expected to be effectively used for analysis of chiral drugs.

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