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Print ISSN : 0289-7709
Volume 40, Issue 6
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  • Iori ABE, Yohei SATO, Ryohei HAYAMI, Kazuki YAMAMOTO, Satoru TSUKADA, ...
    2022 Volume 40 Issue 6 Pages 50-56
    Published: December 25, 2022
    Released on J-STAGE: December 12, 2023

    We previously reported the synthesis of pentaethoxydisiloxane (PEDS) by the oxidation of triethoxysilane (TES) with oxygen gas in the presence of a Rh catalyst. However, the isolate yield of PEDS was low (< 7%). Herein, we report a PEDS yield of 62% using a new synthetic method and the characterization of the PEDS polymer by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. The PEDS polymer was synthesized by hydrolysis-condensation of PEDS, and this polymer was composed of linear and branched chains and was the end group of the Q1 unit.

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