“Micromeritics” is powders engineering specialized magazine publication (annual) from 1957. We offer the information of the technique in conjunction with powders and the engineering basics, application and the latest trend and serve in order to contribute to development of the powders engineering.
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Volume 66 (2023) Pages 72-77
Development of Eyelash Growth Technology with The Latest Human Stem Cell Culture Supernatant —Collaboration with M Regenerative Clinic— Read more
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In recent years, eyelash serums have become widely used by women of all ages. In this article, nanotechnology (PLGA nanocapsules) x biotechnology (human stem cell culture supernatant derived from regenerative medicine technology) will continuously activate the cells involved in eyelashes to maximize the hair growth effect of eyelashes. A new technology has been developed and its effectiveness has been verified for the hair growth.

Volume 66 (2023) Pages 65-71
Development of New Hair Tonics Containing PLGA Nanoparticles Read more
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The performance of a hair restorer is determined by the combination of ingredients and the ingenuity of the formulation.  Aiming to increase the action and effect of the ingredients, Hosokawa Micron provides characteristic hair restorer products making use of nanoparticle DDS technology, which enables to deliver them to the back of the pores (cells) and maximize the retaining and action time there.  This article is an interesting report that allows you to read a part of the back side of the company's latest hair restorer development.

Volume 66 (2023) Pages 37-42
Hosokawa Micron’s Equipment and Technology Development Considering SDGs Read more
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As a powder processing machine and system manufacturer, efforts are being made to improve energy efficiency from the perspective of SDGs. It is aimed to further improve the efficiency by using hot air for the jet mill, which is generally considered to have low energy efficiency, and by improving the impact type pulverizer with a built-in classifier. In addition, remote monitoring of plant operations and data collection systems using online digital technology are expected to be further developed in the future from the viewpoint of labor cost reduction.

Volume 66 (2023) Pages 51-56
Tasks of Powder Process for Connecting World Read more
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With the progress of IoT(Internet of Things), we are now in a "connected world" in various fields using online. Demands and expected technologies related to powder processes are being examined from the viewpoint of both product quality and energy consumption for the production. The on-line and in-line measuring devices and technologies for powders required to realize these are introduced along with remote monitoring systems that utilize big data. They seem to become more and more useful in the future for the process optimization.

Volume 66 (2023) Pages 57-60
Drying Technology as a Measure against Global Warming Read more
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As a part of measures against global warming, in the drying system, which consumes a large amount of heat energy in addition to mechanical energy in the powder process, a high-performance pulverization and classification mechanism is used, and the hot air that was previously discarded from the system is returned to the furnace for effective utilization of thermal energy. At that time, the water content of the circulating hot air increases and condensation tends to easily occur, so attention is paid to dew point control and dew condensation countermeasures within the system. In this way, energy saving and CO2 reduction are achieved for the entire system.

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