“Micromeritics” is powders engineering specialized magazine publication (annual) from 1957. We offer the information of the technique in conjunction with powders and the engineering basics, application and the latest trend and serve in order to contribute to development of the powders engineering.
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Volume 67 (2024) Pages 61-69
Development and Practical Use of Integrating Regenerative Medicine and Nanotechnology Read more
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Recently, the fusion of regenerative medicine and nanotechnology has been garneringgarnered attention in the field of cosmetics. The combination of Human Stem Cell Culture Supernatant and PLGA nanotechnology, pursued by the authors, offers an innovative approach to skin regeneration and rejuvenation, and is also being applied in the development of cosmetics. This paper focuses on the cosmetic effects of this combined technology and its potential for future medical applications.

Volume 67 (2024) Pages 99-105
New Evidence of Hair Growth with PLGA Nano-Sphere Technology Read more
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At the Hosokawa Micron Pharmaceutical and Beauty Science Research Center, extensive efforts have been dedicated to developing a hair growth agent that utilizes PLGA nanospheres for targeted delivery deep into the pores (intracellular). This paper validates, through assessments involving hair papilla cells, the enhancement of cellular functionality by the intracellular introduction of PLGA nanospheres, demonstrating the promotion of hair cycle gene expression and suppression of hair loss gene expression. These findings represent intriguing outcomes in the pursuit of enhancing the efficacy of hair growth ingredients.

Volume 67 (2024) Pages 70-76
On Development of New High-Speed Airflow Direct Heating Dryer Read more
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DRYMEISTER® (DMR), a direct heating type dryer using high-speed airflow, is a multifunctional powder processing equipment that can simultaneously dry, grind, and classify wet powder materials. Various improvements have been made since it was developed in 2000, but this time, while the basic concept remains the same, the main body of the machine has been significantly shortened and made more compact, reducing the amount of material that adheres inside the machine. Experimental results have shown that the dryer has a higher grinding performance than conventional machines, and is expected to be used as a new useful dryer.

Volume 67 (2024) Pages 88-92
Dynamic Particle Image Analyzer: Parshe Analyzer® Read more
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Evaluation of powder particle shape and detection of small amounts of coarse particles are important for various powder materials, such as electrophotographic developer materials, and we use dynamic image analysis methods that can measure and evaluate them in a short time. Actual measurement results have shown that the Parshe Analyzer is a measurement device with excellent detection sensitivity and operability because of its automatic focus adjustment and automatic lens magnification switching. In addition, more stable measurement results have been obtained using an automatic pretreatment device, Auto Sampler (PAS-AS)  equipped with a stirrer and an ultrasonic dispersion mechanism.

Volume 67 (2024) Pages 126-130
Our Challenge to be Sustainable Company Read more
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In a near future society facing the problem of global warming, sustainability has become a very important keyword for the survival and development of companies. As a company-wide initiative, the Hosokawa Micron Group has formed project teams with the cooperation of external consultants to advance efforts toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These allowed us to estimate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, develop a materiality plan to reduce them, and disclose proposals to the Task Force on Climate-related Disclosure (TCFD) in line with the Corporate Governance Code.

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