“Micromeritics” is powders engineering specialized magazine publication (annual) from 1957. We offer the information of the technique in conjunction with powders and the engineering basics, application and the latest trend and serve in order to contribute to development of the powders engineering.
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Volume 61 (2018) Pages 42-48
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The demands for finer powder and functional powder have been increasing year by year to meet the requirements for the downsizing of each product or saving energy. In this article, the new innovative machines including grinding machines and classifiers developed recently by us in order to catch up with this situation are introduced explaining the principle of each machine.

Volume 60 (2017) Pages 33-45
The Internet-of-Things, Opportunities to Improve Manufacturing Processes Read more
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The rapidly developing fourth Industrial Revolution has been enabled by the advancement of the Internet and the development of robust platforms that allow industrial applications to be “cloud” hosted as well as an increase in social activity using connected systems. This article looks at the architecture that enables these systems to be deployed, the applications that can be utilized in the powder and particle processing industries, and some real life examples of data-mining, remote monitoring and closed loop artificial intelligence control.

Volume 60 (2017) Pages 100-101
The 100th Anniversary-Related Events Read more
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Hosokawa Micron Corporation has celebrated the 100th anniversary of the start of business and carried out a series of commemorative events for this occasion including setting up of memorial logo mark and slogan, renovation of the corporate shrine, Eihousha, celebration ceremony, formal gala banquet as well as cerebration gatherings for the families of the employees.

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Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation holds the symposium on powder technology, publishes international science journal “KONA Powder and Particle Journal” every year as well as supports research funding in Japan. Cerebrating the 25th anniversary of establishment, it aims at the further globalization by internationalizing the KONA Award, advancing KONA journal publication and holding the international symposium outside Japan.

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As one of the special events to celebrate the 25th anniversary of establishment of Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation, the 2nd  International Hosokawa Powder Technology Symposium was held at the test center of Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems located in Summit, New Jersey, US. The theme of the symposium was “Challenges & Opportunities in Particle Characterization & Processing” and four lectures were given at the symposium with nearly 100 attendees.

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