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Volume 15 , Issue 2
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  • Tom Bailey, Dave Seaward
    2013 Volume 15 Issue 2 Pages 33-46
    Published: 2013
    Released: December 10, 2013
      The trend within the pharmaceutical industry towards large-molecule biologic drug substances is well documented. Due to the fragile nature of these compounds, they often need either cold-chain logistics or reconstitution prior to administration. Innovation in reconstitution devices and in formulations has been stifled by the inability of conventional powder handling systems to dispense small and precise amounts of reconstitution powders aseptically.
      This paper, from Tom Bailey, Managing Director, and Dave Seaward, Projects Director, both of 3P Innovation, describes how the company's innovative gravimetric Fill2WeightTM system overcomes these technical challenges to enable advances in both formulations and parenteral device design.
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  • Menachem Zucker
    2013 Volume 15 Issue 2 Pages 47-52
    Published: 2013
    Released: December 10, 2013
      In this article, Menachem Zucker, PhD, Vice-President and Head of the Injectable Drug Delivery Devices (I3D) Division at Elcam Medical, provides insights into the world of biological drugs and Elcam Medical's innovative drug delivery solutions.
      “Elcam believes that pharmaceutical companies will have a significant and growing need for different auto-injectors.
      Each pharmaceutical company will require a unique design and shape of the delivery device to fit their specific drug and users.”
      “Elcam medical delivers not just a product, but a promise: to combine excellence with commitment; to weave together reliability with integrity; and to offer competitive pricing for superior results”
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