Mid- to long-term strategy

Since its launch in 1999, J-STAGE has continuously adapted to respond to rapid technological progress, diversification in research content and workflows, and changes in the scholarly publishing landscape.

J-STAGE is developed in accordance with the "Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic (J-STAGE) operational policy (report)" (2013) by the J-STAGE Project Policy Expert Committee. In March 2019, the J-STAGE Advisory Committee (established in March 2018 and made up of outside experts) formulated and released a management policy for the next 5 to 7 years: the "Mid- to Long-Term Strategy for J-STAGE Aimed at Journal Promotion in Japan".

The committee considered the future directions of J-STAGE, defined its basic operational stance, and set the direction for expanding the platform's policies and initiatives. In addition to providing common functions and services for all journals, J-STAGE now recognizes the need to offer additional support that caters to the specific objectives and needs of particular journals. Furthermore, to continue providing relevant and valuable services, J-STAGE is actively working with academic societies on pilot projects (e.g. planning and designing new services and measuring their effectiveness).

Mid- to Long-Term Strategy for J-STAGE Aimed at Journal Promotion in Japan (PDF; 113KB)