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Creative workplace behavior
The effect of the three behavioral characteristics in office and personality
Nobuyuki Inamizu
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Volume 17 (2018) Issue 2 Pages 69-82

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This study conducted a questionnaire survey (N = 2938) examining the relationship between office behavior and creativity. The analysis showed a positive correlation between creativity and three behavioral characteristics (collaboration, flexibility, and demonstration) in an office environment. However, these correlations vary depending on individuals’ personalities. In particular, those with creative personalities cannot augment their creativity if the office does not possess extraordinarily high levels of the three behavioral characteristics as creativity cannot be enhanced very much in an office with only a medium level of these characteristics. At the same time, those who do not have a creative personality can increase their creativity even when they are in an office with a medium level of the three behavioral characteristics. However, turning an office into a place with extraordinarily high levels of these behavioral characteristics does not necessarily enhance creativity. In other words, office policies that consider creative personalities are required.

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