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Experiences of the Recovery Process and Support for Patients with Schizophrenia in Japanese Psychiatric Hospitals
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2023 年 23 巻 p. 74-89


Background: Psychiatric treatment in Japan is shifting from hospital to community-based care. However, many patients require re-hospitalization in the short term, indicating that recovery support is insufficient and does not correspond to the needs of patients. Aim: In this study, nine community-dwelling patients with schizophrenia were interviewed regarding their experiences from hospital admission to discharge and their return to community life. Method: Data from interviews were transcribed and analyzed using qualitative descriptive methods. Results: The participants described encountering the unknown and tried self-coping, but were still being hospitalized in crisis. In the hospital, they experienced distress in the closed environment; however, they also received support that ensured security and motivation, and were able to confront their distress, transform themselves, and leave the hospital. They described their experiences of having symptoms and regarding community life concerns, but were still able to accept things as they were and obtain support, which gave them hope. Finally, they described realizing recovery from illness and seeking a way of life with goals. Conclusions: This study demonstrated the recovery process (patients learning to help themselves and increase their resilience), as well as the protection of patients’ human rights (listening to their subjective and informed experiences).

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