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Vol. 30 (2011) No. 2 p. 139-142




Spatial planning system is now the concept to coordinate the different planning system of countries in European Union, which is originally prepared in Switzerland. This system was introduced in Japan thorough the Rural Development Planning Commission. However, the land use planning system has been very weak in Japan because of the sectionalism of bureaucracy and political and economic power. Though the concept of landscape has been introduced in Japan, it is not yet established as a land use planning system. The suburban area is serious with the issue of deregulation of building control by using the system of district plan, which was introduced at first from Germany for the empowerment of planning control but nowadays used as a reason of deregulation. This kind of attitude might be the weakest point of Japanese style to introduce western culture such as copying the method but not its essence. As Kunio Yanagida stated, the cooperation of urban and rural areas should be restructured. It could be led from the citizen movement, and afterwards the concept and regal system would follow.

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